Premier League matchweek 36 preview

Premier League matchweek 36 is interesting round across the board. Here is the full schedule and most interesting matches of the Premier League matchweek 36.

Premier League matchweek 36 consists of few great matches, Arsenal vs Manchester United, Liverpool vs Southampton. Few scrappy relegation teams fighting for their survival and a low-key London Derby. Here is the full Premier League matchweek 36 schedule:

Premier League matchweek 36, Friday 5th of May

Premier League matchweek 36, Saturday 6th of May

  • 12.30 – Manchester City vs Crystal Palace (Ladbrokes enhanced odds promotion; Both team to score 14/1. Promotion valid for new customers only!)
  • 15.00 – Bournemouth vs Stoke
  • 15.00 – Burnley vs West Bromwich
  • 15.00 – Hull City vs Sunderland
  • 15.00 – Leicester vs Watford
  • 17.30 – Swansea vs Everton

Premier League matchweek 36, Sunday 7th of May

  • 13.30 – Liverpool vs Southampton
  • 16.00 – Arsenal vs Manchester United (Ladbrokes enhanced odds promotion; Arsenal to win 14/1, Manchester United to win  16/1. Promotion valid for new customers only!)

Premier League matchweek 36, Monday 8th of May

  • 20.00 – Chelsea vs Middlesbrough

Premier League matchweek 36 overview

As usual, the final few rounds usually have a full calendar of interesting matches. Premier League matchweek 36 is no exception. Most of the matches has something left to play for, be it title race, TOP 4 battle or relegation battle. Very few are the matches that have nothing to play for; Leicester vs Watford is one of those. Yet, it still actually looks like a rather entertaining match on paper.

The first match of Premier League Matchweek 36, is on Friday. Curious time and date, Friday? I don’t remember many Friday matches, if it wasnt a holiday like Christmas or something… And the match-up, a low-key London Derby. Should be rather entertaining though, they aren’t biggest spurs fans at West Ham are they? Tottenham HAS to win the match to keep the pressure on Chelsea. Chelsea, who play’s their match on Monday vs Middlesbrough who are still fighting for their Premier League survival.

Both Premier League matchweek 36 matches on Sunday, 7th of May are looking great. Liverpool vs Southampton, the team that has bought half of Southampton in recent years and Southampton, the team that keep rebuilding. Liverpool are 3rd on the table, 3 points ahead of Manchester City, and Liverpool will stay there unless City record a huge win over Crystal Palace. And even then Liverpool would have to suffer a big defeat.


The TOP 3 of Premier League will stay how they are, basically no matter what happens. The battle for the last Champions League qualification position is more interesting. From 4th positioned Manchester City before Premier League matchweek 36, all the way to 7th place Everton. Everton and Arsenal are unlikely to catch MCFC and MUFC but both will want to finish 6th rather than 7th. That 4th place battle between Manchester clubs will be amazing to watch, or more like the team that is missing out will be fun to see. If MCFC can’t finish in TOP 4, that is it for them. There is no plan B for City. Manchester United has one, their pursuit of Europa League which is happening right now (Manchester United won the match 0-1 away at Celta Vigo).

  • 4. Manchester City, 34 matches played, 66 points
  • 5. Manchester United, 34 matches played, 65 points
  • 6. Arsenal, 33 matches played, 60 points
  • 7. Everton, 35 matches played, 58 points

Premier League matchweek 36, from betting point of view

Betting wise, there is one match in particular being played in Premier League matchweek 36. Hull City vs Sunderland on Saturday 6th of May. The odds for Sunderland winning away at Hull are insane. From 12/2 to 13/2 and this is not because Hull would be a better team, because they are not. The odds are bloated because Sunderland is officially relegated from Premier League where as Hull are STILL fighting for their Premier League survival. But Sunderland are playing for their pride (or the very least, the players are playing for “come get me”). Sunderland odds of 13/2 are very, VERY tempting.

And then there is that Arsenal vs Manchester United, which is the most interesting match-up of the round for various reasons. TOP 4 battle obviously, two of the three biggest Premier League clubs in the history of the competition. Both teams have had their troubles this season. One will definitely miss Champions League, though there is a chance that both might miss it.

Manchester United’s current situation is better, because they actually have a plan A and plan B. Premier League, is NOT the most important competition for Manchester United right now. Unfortunately, because it makes predicting the outcome very difficult. Jose Mourinho was already planning last week, to use heavy rotation in the match-day squad vs Arsenal in order to be fresh for the Europa League return leg next thursday. Which is clever, except if you are a neutral fan, even more so if you are a neutral fan, interested in betting for the match.

Arsenal vs Manchester United odds comparison:

  • Bet365 odds: Arsenal 1/1, draw 5/2, Manchester United 13/5
  • Betfair odds: Arsenal 1/1, draw 5/2, Manchester United 29/10
  • Ladbrokes odds: Arsenal 1/1, draw 5/2, Manchester United 14/5
  • Unibet odds: Arsenal 1/1, draw 13/5, Manchester United 14/5

Best odds for Arsenal victory are offered by (Ladbrokes, with 14/1 for new customers only) equal by all 4 bookies. Best odds for a draw are offered by Unibet. Best odds for Manchester United victory are offered by (Ladbrokes, with 16/1 enhanced odds for new customers only) Betfair. There is no comparison for the Ladbrokes enhanced odds offer, but as that promotion is only valid for new customers i applied the regular odds as well. I will update the odds comparison if something dramatically changes.

Premier League matchweek 36 offers great entertainment throughout the weekend, but if that is not enough there are number of other amazing matches this weekend, example from Serie A Juventus vs Torino and AC Milan vs AS Roma. Title deciding matches from La Liga and Ligue 1 as well as matches of the 4 UEFA Champions League semifinal teams. Preview of the other big matches of the weekend will be posted tomorrow. And UCL Semifinal 2nd leg preview over the weekend.

Premier League matchweek 36
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First and foremost a fanatic football fan, Football Blogger and a betting addict. Trying to write the posts from neutral point of view as much as i can(TRYING). Some lighthearted rant may slip in every once in a while.

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