Huddersfield vs Reading, Championship playoff final!

Huddersfield vs Reading the Championship Playoff final, just might be the BIGGEST match of the weekend. Despite about 10 cup finals taking Place this weekend and the fact that it’s played on Monday. It is a HUGE match on every scale.

Huddersfield vs Reading, is the Championship Playoff final this year. Reading finished 3rd in the table and eliminated Fulham By 2-1 aggregate scoreline on the “semifinal”, Huddersfield finished 4th and eliminated Sheffield Wednesday after dramatic penalty shootout.

There will be 2 big matches on Wembley stadium within 2 days; The FA Cup Final Arsenal vs Chelsea is being played on Saturday 27th of May and two days later Huddersfield vs Reading, the Championship Playoff final. Both matches are big on every possible scale, but i would dare to argue that the latter might even pip the FA Cup Final in importance.

The Championship Playoff final, is considered the richest football match in the world. The monetary value FOR THE WINNER is estimated to be in the region of £170million, £170 million! And that number is the “lowest possible estimate over the course of three years”, if the promoted team remains in the Premier League next season (in other words, evades relegation) the number could rise to somewhere in the region of £280m-£290m. Because even the team that finishes in the bottom of the table, pocket’s £95million for the Premier League television revenue, and each position above that is worth £2million. Also if a team is relegated, they will receive parachute payments of £75million over the course of 2 seasons. It all boils down to the new Premier League broadcast right arrangements. Making the richest match of football, even more valuable.

That is amazing, insane and absolutely disgusting in a way, depending from the point of view you’re looking at it. For the fan of the winning team it’s nothing short of amazing, for the normal football fan it’s just insane, for someone who rarely watches football the number is downright disgusting.

The losing side in the Championship Playoff final goes home empty-handed, no promotion, no nothing. The contrast is out of this world.

Is there a favourite going into the match? On a personal level yes, definitely. On sporting level, no there shouldnt be a favourite. Huddersfield seems to be a slight favourite By bookmakers, but nothing groundbreaking.

I’ve been following Reading more than any other Championship club for years. Mainly because they are one of my favourite teams to bet on, usually with decent odds and very decent win percentage. They have also occasionally been in the Premier League, making their first ever appearance in Premier League in 2006. More importantly one of my all time favourite central defenders, JaapStam is the manager of Reading. The legendary towering centre back, who played for PSV, Manchester United, Lazio, AC Milan and Ajax during his footballing career. He’s now making a successful manager career for himself, promotion to Premier League with Reading would be huge achievement. As a completely irrelevant side not; One of the biggest mistakes By the great Sir Alex Ferguson, was the sale of JaapStam after some rift between the player and the manager (according to the great former MUFC manager).

My knowledge on Huddersfield is somewhat Limited, i havent been following Championship THAT closely ever. And as their last Premier League appearance is from 1972, way before i was born, im not that familiar with the club. The interesting fact after doing some research, is that Huddersfield Town holds a record very few have been able to match; They won 3 first division title’s back in 1924, 1925 and 1926. Manchester United is the only club who has matched that achievement in the Premier League era (twice). In other words; Huddersfield Town has a rich history, but their present status is not that great. But that could all change in the coming monday in the Championship Playoff final!

Due to the recent events in Manchester, the security in this match will be taken care of accordingly. Meaning the schedule might be somewhat stretched, even the kick-off time could be delayed. There will also be one minute silence prior to the kick-off, to pay tribute to those affected By the tragic events in Manchester.

Huddersfield vs Reading Championship Playoff final statistics and best odds

Huddersfield vs Reading Championship Playoff final statistics:

  • Huddersfield vs Reading Playoff final match, is the most valuable football match in the history of football(the actual worth of winning the match only will be known in 2 years time though, anywhere between £170m to £290m).
  • Historical H2H statistics; 21 matches played of which Huddersfield has won 8, Reading 9 and 4 of the matches has ended as a draw.
  • H2H statistics for last 5 Championship matches; Huddersfield 3 wins, Reading 1 win and 1 match has ended as a draw.
  • H2H statistics for last 5 matches in all competitions; Huddersfield 2 wins, Reading 2 wins and 1 match has ended as a draw.
  • Form of last 5 matches in Championship, Huddersfield: 1W, 2L, 2D.
  • Form of last 5 matches in Championship, Reading: 3W, 1L, 1D.
  • Last time Huddersfield Town played in the Premier League, 1971-1972.
  • Last time Reading played in the Premier League, 2012-2013.
  • The match is available for stream through Bet365 and Unibet streaming service’s.
  • Huddersfield vs Reading Championship Playoff final kick-off om Monday 29th of May, 15.00 at Wembley Stadium.

Huddersfield vs Reading, Championship Playoff final odds comparison:

  • Bet365 odds: Huddersfield 7/5, draw 11/5, Reading 12/5
  • Betfair odds: Huddersfield 13/10, draw 21/10, Reading 23/10
  • Ladbrokes odds: Huddersfield 13/10, draw 21/10, Reading 12/5
  • Unibet odds: Huddersfield 27/20, draw 11/5, Reading 9/4

Best odds for Huddersfield Town victory are offered By Bet365. Best odds for a draw are offered By Bet365 and Unibet. Best odds for Reading victory are offered By Bet365 and Ladbrokes. For any additional promotion variables, check out the ranked list of top 5 betting site sign-up bonuses post.

The Championship Playoff final, Huddersfield vs Reading, in other words “the richest match in football” should be thoroughly entertaining match of football. The pressure on the match will be unheard of, it will likely show in the performance of both teams at some point. That alone would make this a spectacular match. But in the end what matters for the fans, is that one of the teams will be promoted to Premier League. So which one we will see play against Arsenal, Chelsea, MUFC, MCFC, Liverpool and Tottenham the next season??

Championship Playoff Final
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First and foremost a fanatic football fan, Football Blogger and a betting addict. Trying to write the posts from neutral point of view as much as i can(TRYING). Some lighthearted rant may slip in every once in a while.

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