How to watch football for FREE? This is a valid option

You know the feeling when your network/cable provider doesn’t offer a particular match you want to watch? Unless that match is a Premier League match, you’re in luck. Because there is a way to watch football for free, but more importantly actually WATCH FOOTBALL you might otherwise miss out on completely.

How to watch football conveniently when your network doesn’t offer the match you want to watch? This is a question i used to look the answer for, for quite a while. There is a way to watch football without a charge, almost every match there is. It’s completely valid way to watch live sports events.

This day and age, the different network channel’s provide most live football matches around world. The problem is, most of them cost a big pile of money. For some people, like myself, i pay for network company big bucks but i still miss out on many big matches and leagues. Well, let me rephrase that, “i USED TO MISS out on many big matches and leagues”, but that’s not the case anymore. My network provides most games, but every now and then there is a match that is not available. When that happens, i use this exact option im talking about here.

First time i stumbled upon the opportunity was a complete accident(6-7 years ago, maybe even more). I was trying to find an outlet to watch a Copa Del Rey match(Spanish Cup), with no success. Eventually i found some streaming site through google. After 15 minutes of struggling to get the small stream visible behind all those stupid advertisement windows(the most annoying thing was when you attempted to close the windows by clicking the small X, it opened a pop-up window with even more advertising crap), the quality was horrible. And eventually the stream got cancelled(those streams are without exception all illegal due to copyright laws) after 5-10 minutes of watching it. At that point i thought “fuck it”, im not going to waste a minute more trying guide my way through the advertising window jungle to catch a GLIMPSE of the actual match. So i left, and headed for my other favourite addiction next to football…

Where was i heading? A betting site, to gamble away my frustrations. I mostly used a betting site called Unibet at that time(which up to this date, is still one of my favourite betting site’s if not THE favourite), and by accident i entered to “live-betting” section to bet on the match i was trying to watch earlier. To my surprise the match popped up in front of me in full flow. That is when i realized that i can actually watch football even without a subscription to a cable company(though i still pay for those as well, but not every match is available there either), through the betting site live-betting sections!


So you can watch football for FREE? There has to be a catch right? Well… yes but no.

Now there is a catch though, obviously; Watching the live football matches are completely and 100% free, but to be able to watch you need to have an account on the betting site you want to watch the matches from. You also need to have positive balance on your account(usually this is a minimum of £1/€1/$1 whatever the currency is) but you do not need to bet if you don’t want to, you can just simply watch football for free. For me, betting just makes the whole experience more exciting, whether its live, from TV or from computer screen/phone.

Now i would imagine that most, if not all betting site’s have SOME SORT of streaming service. I have tried multiple site’s in the last 6 years, but i always come back to my favourite one.

      • Unibet (good selection of events and maybe the best quality streams out of them all)
      • Betsson (great selection of events, up to 22000 live stream events a year)
      • William Hill (maybe not the biggest selection of events, but you can’t go wrong with a classic)

For the betting folks, those two generally offer the best odds as well for most if not all matches, all competitions. Sure there are other betting site’s that offer live streaming as well (almost all of them do, on some level) including Betsafe and William Hill. But my personal experience is that Bet365 and Unibet are the best choices for football streaming. The bigger the match, the more people are using the streaming services. That mean’s the service under HEAVY use on big match-days. Such as El Clasico on Sunday 23rd of April. My advice would be using Unibet Live as it is not quite as popular as Bet365 streaming service, but both site’s should have the capacity to perform (it’s more like “just in case” advice).

As stated before; You can watch football for free, ALMOST every match there is. There are a few exceptions are though, Premier League is not available anywhere in Europe, UEFA and FIFA tournaments are a no-no also. Here is an example list of the available League’s and Cup’s available:

      • La Liga/Liga BBVA (Including Real Madrid vs Barcelona on Sunday 23rd of April)
      • Serie A/Calcio A
      • Lique 1
      • Bundesliga
      • Primeira Liga (Portugal)
      • Eredevisie (Netherlands)
      • FA Cup
      • Copa Del Rey
      • English League Cup/EFL Cup
      • Copa Italia
      • Copa Lidertadores (South American Champions League)
      • International Friendly matches
      • And most of the lower league matches throughout Europe

That is just an example of the big league’s & cup’s, the full list of available leagues or cup’s would stretch the post for far too long. The only exceptions are; English Premier League, Championship, Champions League and Europa League that i can think off which are NOT available throughout the betting site streaming service’s(FOR ME anyway, that could be because of Country restrictions though, im not 100% sure on that). Basically if there are live matches going on, you can watch football for free.

You can watch ANY SPORT, LEAGUES(with few exceptions, above) and ANY COMPETITION for free. You can watch football for free, but while at it most, if not all sports you can imagine as long as they are being televised by someone somewhere. For example right now as i write this(23.00 UK time) there is Copa Libertadores (South american champions league), NBA (basketball), NHL (ice hockey) etcetera on. Day or night the betting site live streaming services are online.

The quality of the streams are generally very good. The only down side is that the size of the picture/screen is small-ish, and some stream services don’t even have the ability to enlarge the picture/screen. But for the ability to watch football for free, that is very small problem.

For me the setup is perfect, two of my favourite things packed into one tidy package: Watching football and betting. Watch football for free? Yes please. Some betting on the side? Work’s for me! One important note though; To use the football streaming service’s, to watch football for free through the betting site’s, NO BETTING IS REQUIRED(though strongly advised)!

How to watch football for free
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