Football Vine’s

Football Vine's

Football Vine’s! I recently noticed, ive got a whole bunch of big matches on my tv recorder. And there is no way to get my recordings out of that piece of crap in any way, shape or form(by my technical abilites anyway).

Football Vine’s – So i thought it would be useful to somehow take bits and pieces here and there with my mobile. Thats when i remembered the Vine app. And its on! The quality is NOT great, but its better than nothing, yes? So here are some Football Vine’s from the big matches of last few years. My Vine account.

Starting off with the Champions League Final 2014 Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid.

  • Sergio Ramos 1-1 equalizer on the 93rd minute! Atletico Madrid were 2minutes for winning their first ever Champions League/European Cup!
  • Angel Di Maria and Gareth Bale with the eventual 2-1 winner for Real Madrid, there was a complete momentum shift in the Extra time, and this was the beginning of end for Atletico.
  • Marcelo, Real Madrid 3-1 Atletico Madrid. Atletico players were SO tired at this point, Juanfran could barely walk(Juanfran who also happened to be the unlucky shooter in the 2016penalty shootout, more about that later).
  • And the final 4-1 goal from penalty, Cristiano Ronaldo finally got to take his top off…

Ive also got World Cup final, European Championship final, UCL 2015, 2016 finals, Europa League finals of last few years on record, just have to browse through if theres any Football Vine’s to do(oh there is). Oh and for the record, you might NOT want to play the UCL 2014 final Football vine’s with sounds unless you happen to be RM fan 😉

I realize i havent updated this for a while, but ill try to(if i just remember), as i have quite a few of the big matches still stuffed somewhere.

March 4th 2017: Here are the football vine’s of Uefa Champions League final 2016, Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid:

  • First up Sergio Ramos and Real Madrid lead after 14minutes of action. Ramos is the first one to react on a lose freekick inside Atletico box. Not a classic Ramos goal, ie. “header on added time” but another UCL final goal in his name.
  • And then the Atletico equalizer on 79th minute. Juanfran crossed into the box, Carrasco was there to stab it in, 1-1.
  • And eventually, a penalty shootout was needed to decide the winner. Juanfran was the unlucky man to miss his shot(well he hit a post), and it was Ronaldo who shot the decisive penalty to give Real Madrid their 11th UEFA Champions league title.
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