Betting Site Review: William Hill

This is a betting site review of William Hill.

William Hill, has been one of the biggest betting companies in UK for years and years, but only recently they have truly made their mark as an online betting site. William Hill has seen many changes in ownership since the company was first established in 1934, by a man named William Hill(shocking, i know…). At the time, betting was illegal in Britain. All in all, William Hill has changed ownership 6 to 7 times after 1971. The most crucial of those ownership changes came in 2008, when William Hill partnered up with software company called Playtech to change their status in the online gambling world. Their betting site was poor to say the least prior to that change, ever since then they have been among the best in the business.

Another thing worth noting about William Hill, is that they seem to be really one of the truly responsible gambling companies. As a testament to this, in 2010 their +10000 man workforce went through a training program to combat underage gambling in their retail shops. They own 2370 betting shops around UK.

William Hill offer

And as usual, now its the time to move on to the more exciting review part, to the ACTUAL betting site review of William Hill?

Well, William Hill is one of the best out there these days(after that major overhaul of the site in somewhere around 2010). They have the whole internet gambling site, like the standard these days is: They have obviously the betting site which is the corner-stone to every online gambling business. Then there is the online casino, live casino, bingo, games(flash player type), in-house poker. And one of the more unusual online gambling option is online scratchcards! William Hill should be familiar to most people watching Premier League or La Liga, in which both, they have a strong advertising presence.

The user interface of William Hill is great, everything is where you’d expect the options to be, the screen is not too stuffed with information, the betting site is easy to navigate through, and the actual betting options is broad in range from the usual football betting, to MMA and winter sports and everything between. They also have some rather unusual betting sections, such as Politics, E-sports etcetera. General overview of the site can be seen from the picture below.

William Hill

William Hill also has a decent match streaming service(of course like elsewhere there might be some country restrictions). Some of the features are available with just having an active account on their site, but some, like the horse racing events you have to place a bet of at least £1 to be able to watch the event.

How are the odds at William Hill? Well, the odds are competitive. If we take an example of the match played later this night(when this post is posted) there is Sevilla vs Real Madrid for example, the highest competitor odds are ranked in at Sevilla 23/10(3,30) Draw 14/5(3,80) Real Madrid 21/20(2,05) and William Hill has Sevilla 21/10(3,10) Draw 3/1 (4,00) and Real Madrid identical 21/20(2,05). So yeah, the odds are competitive.

And now to the exciting part of betting site review’s: Are there any sign-up bonus worth noting? And how are the promotions? Well they have the usual sign-up bonus of 100% up to £100(available for new customers ONLY). Other sports betting bonus they have is a free bet worth £20 once you place a bet worth £10. One of the more exciting promotions is that you get a FREE £5 bet once a week, if you have placed a bet or bets on accumulators worth of £20 during the week. Other very interesting promotion on their betting site, is that when you bet on a certain player scoring, if that player is injured or substituted for any other reason, your bet will automatically move on to the on-coming player. That might be a minor thing, but at least i can remember a number of times that would have been useful. Actually out of all my favourite sites, William Hill might have the best promotions, because there is more of similar promotions i could possibly list, and they are adding more every now and again.

Obviously they have all these other bonuses and promotions for Poker(number of different bonuses, too many to list, and also im not that much into poker that the bonuses would make so much sense to me that i could explain them onwards), Casino(100% up to £150), Games(200% up to £200), Bingo etcetera. Even the scratchcards has a promotion available(100% cash back for first scratchcard, which essentially means first one is free).

Now, i would not call William Hill my favourite online betting site, but it’s definitely in the top5(mainly because in the back of my head, the disaster that their site was in the 2007-2008 when i first discovered them). If i started betting today, completely from the scratch it would be a whole different story, and then William Hill would without a doubt be one of my go-to online betting site’s. That being said, i can only recommend the site, check it out if you like it great, if not there are other site’s our there. Their promotions are among the best in the business though.
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