Betting Site Review: Unibet, one of the best there is

This is a betting site review of Unibet

Las but definitely not least, betting site review of Unibet. Unibet is another big favourite of mine when it comes to online gambling. The reason for this might be their heavy presence in Scandinavia. I mean, they advertised their site years before other betting site’s, and have kept doing so ever since making their presence solid especially in the area of Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Unibet was founded by a Swede(or a Norwegian guy im not really sure) in London UK. It was initially established in 1997, but the online betting site was laiunched at 1999. Unibet has seen big growth ever since, especially in the Scandinavia where they purchased a number of other online betting site’s/Casino’s such as IGame, Betchoise, Maria Casino and a big UK-based Stan James(that really shows how much they have grown over the years, especially Stan James should be familiar to most). Today, they have over one million ACTIVE customers in addition to over 14million registered users.

Ok, so that was a brief history overview, now to the interesting part, the actual Betting site review of Unibet

One of first things that greets you when you enter Unibet, is the language settings: You can choose from up to 25 languages to use the site on, fully functionally, including some of the more scarcely used languages. So if you want to use the site on other language than English, no problem. The language selection also changes the format of odds to fractional if you use “UK” settings, or to decimal if you use international English(or any european language for that matter),, or if you play from USA it set the American odds as a standard, which is a nice feature in my opinion.

One of the first things that caught my attention from Unibet, was their streaming service. I actually originally created my account for the streaming service. To be able to use the streaming service you need to have an active account that has £1 balance on it. That’s it. They have over 40000 live events streamed on yearly basis, with excellent video quality(this is important, well it is for me anyway).

The user interface of Unibet is great, in comparison to some of the other betting site’s(one of the focal points in the other betting site review’s as well), the interface is much easier on the eye’s. Everything is organized, there is not too much happening on the screen, every option is available in orderly fashion. And NOT in your face as you can see below:

Unibet review

Moving on to the most crucial part of betting site review’s, the odds. Well usually the odds offered by Unibet are competitive to say the least (usually ranks among the top2 best odds for any single match). But if we take an example: The premier league matches of this coming weekend. Unibet offers 5/4(2,25) odds for Southampton winning away at Burnley, where as highest competitor offers 6/5(2,20). Leicester vs Chelsea, Chelsea winning away at Leicester is marked at 5/8(1,63) by Unibet, where as a highest competitor offers 8/13(1,62). The biggest premier league match of the weekend, Manchester United vs Liverpool has identical odds. So yeah, the margins might be small but the odds are competitive, among the market high.

Unibet has a new and innovative live-betting “game” called “Bet Up”. Bet UP is an innovative pool-betting game available on mobile and desktop. Players score points by predicting events in a live football match – the highest scorers win a share of the prize pool. You dont BET with money, you only buy an entry ticket into the “matches” which usually runs for 1 half of a match. The prize pool start’s at 500 i believe, and it gets bigger with more players taking part. It’s available to a selected matches each day. It has a guaranteed prize pool, so now as it’s still a new thing, you might be competing with only a handful of players for a very decent sum of money. It’s a new addition and ive only used the feature few times, but what ive seen so far i think it’s pretty cool addition to the Unibet betting site.

Now like most other betting site’s of today, in addition to the sports betting section, Unibet also has a wide range of other products at your disposal: Such as Casino(Live as well if that’s your thing), flash player games, bingo, and an in-house Poker(you can download a poker software/app or you can play in the browser). Now ive never been into online poker that much, but the only ever poker program ive tried was through Unibet, it seemed fine, it was popular, there were constantly major tournaments(with a chance to get a ticket to a higher stake tournaments and eventually leading up to live tournament tickets).

The only problem for me was and is, i CAN NOT PLAY POKER (tournaments). I used to start strong, and i was usually even the high stack holder for the first 30-45minutes. But i get bored so fast, that for one reason or the other i do a stupid mistake and im instantly out. So i stay out of the online poker tables for obvious reasons…

As far as the casino and flash player games goes, Unibet has a great setup. But if that’s not enough, they also got another option, Maria Casino, which is fully equipped internet casino with everything, well out of everything pretty much.

One of the important things today is the mobile usability, Unibet has great mobile version of the site, in addition to a mobile app.

Then to the best part(in my opinion anyway) of betting site review’s: The promotions and offers. Unibet has a wide range of promotions available at all times(actually, the widest that ive seen, anywhere). Now this is just the tip of the iceberg, a preview for the review you might say:

For the sports betting section Unibet sign-up offer of a RISK FREE £25 bet, in addition to various promotions. Such as +90minute goals cash back(self-explanatory), improved odds on selected matches daily etcetera. For the Casino, they have the usual +200% first deposit bonus, free spins etcetera. For the Poker, there is a £200 bonus on first deposit, up to 4x freeroll tickets of £500, in addition to some daily changing promotions. One of the more interesting promotions is, if you refer a friend, you’ll get £40 for free, up to a possible 5 “RaF” of £200. Nothing major, but certainly a nice addition.

I would be lying if i said, Unibet is not one of my favourite betting site’s, because it absolutely is. The streaming service got me hooked, but the overall excellence of the site got me staying. Usually, even on the good online betting site’s or online gambling site’s there is something negative that can be said, as far as Unibet goes i havent found one thing. Not a single negative thing, and ive used the site for approximately 11 years. Can only give the highest of recommendations for Unibet. As far as Betting site review’s go, Unibet scores as high as it’s possible, 9,5/10.
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