Football betting, where and how 101

Football Betting

Football Betting. Where and how to do it. Betting site review’s, betting tool review’s all that and more incoming.

Football betting, i myself watch football 24/7, and sometimes the matches need some extra kick. That is where football betting comes in the picture.

I am what someone might call a “betting addict”, and i am completely “OK” with that. I rarely, if ever have lost control when it comes to football betting or betting in general. Other than that, i have a rather decent success rate as well. Sometimes you need little bit of luck as well, but as important as luck is where you do your betting and how you do it. Take advantage of the various sign-up bonuses and promotions most betting site’s have these days, use the vast information available in the internet to your advantage.

Ive just gone through and reviewed four of my personal favourite betting site’s, they are my favourites for a good reason. The promotions are a big reason to join or not join a certain betting site, the odds are another big factor. The services such as streaming live matches etcetera, are also something to look for in case you dont have access to matches from your TV.

First up to answer WHERE to do your online/football betting, is the betting site review’s of 4 of my favourite online gambling site’s. Here are links to the review’s, incase you missed them on the scroll down menu above:

  • Bet365 review Overall rating 7,5/10. Shared Best odds. Shared second best promotions.
  • Ladbrokes review Overall rating 7/10. Competitive odds. Best promotions.
  • Unibet review Overall rating 9,5/10. Shared best odds. Shared second best promotions.
  • William Hill review Overall rating 9/10. Competitive odds. Fourth best promotions.
  • For just bonuses and promotions, check out the TOP 5 betting site signup bonuses post.

Second is HOW to do it, as in if there are some tools that can help you improving your betting results. For that purpose there are numerous statistical tools. More about the subject will be posted at a later date.
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