The FACup Final Arsenal vs Chelsea 27th of May

Many European Cup finals are being played this weekend, including the FACup final Arsenal vs Chelsea. Other noteworthy Cup finals are Copa Del Rey final, DFP Pokal and French League Cup and FA Cup final of Scotland. All being played on Saturday 27th of May.

Without a doubt the most interesting cup final this weekend is the FACup final, Arsenal vs Chelsea. If we take a look at the other cup finals, there is not much to see. I mean if the Copa Del Rey final, Barcelona vs Alaves was just a la liga match, it would not strike out as the most interesting match-up. The French Cup final PSG vs Angers maybe even less so. DFB Pokal final Eintracht Frankfurt vs BVB is another “low-key” Cup final.

Essentially the only BIG national Cup final this year, is the FACup final between Arsenal and Chelsea. And even this feels like a rather lopsided final. Given the troubles of Arsenal, and especially their injured central defense, the match seems little bit inflated. Then again, it might be the last official match in charge of Arsenal for Arsene Wenger (for the Arsenal fans i sure hope so). It is also a London Derby, so it might actually be better than the first reactions make it seem.

First little bit of general info about the FACup Final, and the history of the FA Cup.

The FA Cup is the oldest association football competition in the world. The first ever FA Cup was played in 1871-1872, meaning it is 146 year old competition. It is organized By the English Football association, hence the name “FA Cup”. The actual name right now is “The Emirates FA Cup” because of Sponsorship dealings, but in the mouth of a general football fan it still is just “The FA Cup”.

The FACup Final will be played in the new Wembley Stadium, like it has been played since 2008. Also the Semifinal matches have been played there. Before the Finals used to be played at the old Wembley Stadium (or Empire Stadium prior to the name change) from 1923 to 2000. The FACup Final was played in the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff between 2001-2006, as the Wembley Stadium was being rebuilt.

Historically he most successful teams in the FA Cup are Arsenal and Manchester United, both with 12 titles. Arsenal now have a chance to once again be the most successful club in the FA Cup history, if they beat Chelsea in the FACup final on Saturday (which right now seems highly unlikely).

The best, and sometimes the worst thing about The FA Cup, is that its a 1 match knockout tournament. Not like the most cups, where winner is decided out of 2-legged match-up. Meaning team cant lose a single match if they want to win the title. That is part of the attraction of the FA Cup, you have to be consistent, and consistently eliminate opponents.

The amount of teams entering the FA Cup varies on year to year basis, but generally more than 650 teams enter the competition. The record number of teams that participated in the FA Cup is from year 2011-2012 when 763 teams took part in the competition.

The FACup Final, Arsenal VS Chelsea preview

The two teams taking part in the FACup final, come in to the match from very different standpoints. Arsenal, missed the Champions League qualification for the first time under Arsene Wenger. Where as Chelsea won the Premier League, on the first season under Antonio Conte. Winning the FA Cup would give Arsene Wenger SOME leverage to stay as the manager, because if they lose the demands for him to quit as the manager of Arsenal will only intensify.

Both teams have already qualified to European Competitions next year, so winning the FACup final is not needed for Europa League qualification.

The glory of winning the FA Cup, or any other National cup for that matter has decreased in recent years. But if there is one cup competition that still is in high regard among teams, players and fans alike, it’s the FA Cup. Because of the rich history behind the competition, the worldwide coverage of the match etcetera.

Arsene Wenger, who has faced A LOT of scrutiny this season, plans to unveil his plans for the future in the coming days after the match. Now im not an Arsenal fan, so i do not have an input on the matter, but lets just say that it might be good for the club to try something new. In the pre-match press conferences, Arsene has evaded the questions for his future as much as possible. He was asked if winning the FACup final vs Chelsea would be a nice farewell, here is what he answered;

Would it be a nice farewell? No, what i want is to win the next match. I love to win and i love to do well for my club. I want to win the FA Cup for my club. It’s not about me, it’s about us winning the trophy and giving everything to achieve it“.

Team news ahead of the FACup final:

  • Arsenal will be without Suspended Laurent Koscielny and injured Gabriel Paulista. Skodran Mustafi is also doubtful for the match due to illness. That’s 3 out of the 5 first team centrebacks at disposal of Arsene Wenger of whom 2 will definitely miss the match, but it’s possible that all 3 will miss the FACup Final. The injury/suspension situation leaves Wenger and Arsenal with 2 centreback choices; Per Mertesacker and Rob Holding, of whom Mertesacker has played mere minutes this YEAR and Rob Holding kind of lacks experience, despite playing some 8-9 Premier League matches this season. Long time absentees Santi Cazorla and Lucas Perez remain sidelined.
  • Chelsea has no confirmed injury worries or suspensions, they go into the FACup final in full strength.

FACup Final, Arsenal vs Chelsea statistics and odds comparison

FACup final Arsenal vs Chelsea statistics:

  • Arsenal are looking to win the FA Cup for the record 13th time.
  • Chelsea are looking to win the FA Cup 8th time.
  • Historical H2H statistics of 167 previous matches; Arsenal has won 63, Chelsea has won 56 and 48 matches has ended up as a draw.
  • Arsenal vs Chelsea H2H of last 5 matches; Arsenal 2 wins, Chelsea 3 wins.
  • Last match between Arsenal and Chelsea was in the Premier League on February, Chelsea won that match 3-1.
  • Both teams won 1 of the Premier League matches against each other this season (3-0 Arsenal, 3-1 Chelsea)
  • Arsenal form of last 5 matches in all competitions; 5W
  • Chelsea form of last 5 matches in all competitions; 5W
  • Arsenal has won the FA Cup on on the last 2 out of 3 season’s.
  • Chelsea has won each of their last 4 FA Cup final’s (2007, 2009, 2010, 2012).
  • Out of the last 10 FA Cup’s, either Arsenal or Chelsea has won 6. After the Saturday’s FA Cup final that ratio will be 7 out of 11, regardless who will win.
  • Arsene Wenger has won the FA Cup 6 times before, all obviously with Arsenal.
  • Antonio Conte has NEVER won a domestic Cup during his managerial career. He has only ever got into a domestic Cup final once before, with Juventus in 2012. Juventus lost that match to Napoli 2-0.
  • The FACup Final kick-off 17.30 on Saturday 27th of May.

FACup Final Arsenal vs Chelsea odds comparison:

  • Bet365 odds: Arsenal 15/4, draw 14/5, Chelsea 4/5
  • Betfair odds: Arsenal 7/2, draw 27/10, Chelsea 3/4
  • Ladbrokes odds: Arsenal 18/5, draw 27/10, Chelsea 5/6
  • Unibet odds: Arsenal 37/10, draw 29/10, Chelsea 19/25

Best odds for the FACup final at the time of writing. Best odds for Arsenal victory are offered By bet365. Best odds for a draw are offered By Unibet. Best odds for Chelsea victory are offered By Ladbrokes.

The FACup final and the other National cup finals (including Copa Del Rey, DFP Pokal, French League Cup, Scottish FA Cup) can be streamed By most betting site’s streaming service. personally i would recommend using either Bet365 or Unibet.

The FACup Final
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First and foremost a fanatic football fan, Football Blogger and a betting addict. Trying to write the posts from neutral point of view as much as i can(TRYING). Some lighthearted rant may slip in every once in a while.

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