Derby della Capitale, Lazio vs AS Roma 15.4.2018

Derby Della Capitale, the Rome Derby or in other words; Lazio vs AS Roma, one of the most fierce city derbies in European Football. On the pitch its mostly Football, with few horror tackles here and there, but on the stands and in the streets around the Stadio Olimpico its chaos mixed with violence. Yet, very exciting match-up.

Derby della Capitale, the Rome Derby, Derby Capitolino or Derby di Roma many names for one of the biggest inter city derbies in Europe. This time hosted as Lazio vs AS Roma, meaning the host of Stadio Olimpico is Lazio. It’s one of the two City Derbie’s in Italy, on which two HUGE teams play their matches on the same Stadium, Stadio Olimpico. Derby della Capitale is one of the most ill-tempered city derbies in the world football. Crowd trouble occur in almost every match, if you want to find a fanatic atmosphere in football, this is one of those matches. The history stretches all the way to 1927 when AS Roma was established. The man behind the idea to create a club in the capital to challenge the dominance of the northern Italian teams; Benito Mussolini. AS Roma was the result of 3 smaller club merging into 1 big one. Originally there was supposed to be 4 clubs involved in the merger, but one of the clubs resisted the idea, that club was Lazio. And the relationships of the clubs have been  ill ever since.

This time around, Derby della Capitale should be one hell of a match for few reasons; 1st reason is the happenings of last Tuesday; AS Roma vs Barcelona. The 2nd reason is the fact that both teams are fighting for the Champions League qualification position at 3rd and 4th, with both having 60 points. Inter Milan breathing on their neck with 59 points, meaning the loser of this match will probably find themselves on 5th place. Lazio was eliminated from Europea League vs Red Bull Salzburg on Thursday, where as AS Roma humiliated Barcelona.

Derby della Capitale, one of the most violent matches in Europe

An extreme example of the violent atmosphere in Derby della Capitale (even though it had more to do with bad luck); Is that the FIRST fatality in Italian club football occurred in 1979. A Lazio fan was hit in the eye by a flare, fired by an AS Roma fan from the OPPOSITE end of the stadium. Crowd trouble is the norm in Derby della Capitale and the sense of security is non-existent at times, even with possibly the highest presence of Police in any football match in Europe.

Even with the abundance of riot police and security staff present in the matches, or maybe because of it, the trouble is never far away. One of the most bizarre and downright frightening scenes in European Football took place in 2004;

Derby della Capitale on 21 March 2004 was abandoned four minutes into the second half with the score tied at 0–0, when a riot broke out in the stand; the president of the Lega Nazionale Professionisti, Adriano Galliani, ordered referee Roberto Rosetti to suspend the match. The riots began with the spreading of a rumour that a boy had been killed by a police car just outside the stadium. In fact, from last row of the stadium, some fans noticed in the square below a body covered with a white sheet.

Later, medics who put the sheet, explained that the boy had difficulty breathing, dangerously exacerbated by the air full of tear gas, and then the sheet was used as a filter. The denial by the police, spread through the speakers of the stadium, though it was not able to remove all doubt. Roma captain Francesco Totti then asked for the match to be called off, at which point President Galliani was reached by the referee by mobile phone, from the pitch, and ordered the game postponed. After the match was postponed, a prolonged battle between fans and police, with streets near the stadium being set on fire, eventually resulting in 13 arrests and over 170 injured among the police alone. 170 police officers injured, let that sink in.

Derby della Capitale statistics

  • AS Roma won the 1st meeting of the season 2-1.
  • Historical H2H statistics in all competitions; 185 matches of which Lazio has won 52, AS Roma has won 70 and 63 matches has ended in a draw.
  • Historical H2H statistics in Serie A; 147 matches of which Lazio has won 37, AS Roma has won 53 and 57 matches has ended in a draw.
  • Last 5 matches H2H in all competitions; Lazio 2W, AS Roma 3W
  • Last 5 matches H2H in Serie A; Lazio 1W, AS Roma 4W.
  • The most common result of Derby della Capitale is 1-1, the match has ended 1-1 28 times (0-0 is another common result, 23 times).
  • Lazio won the Coppa Italia semifinal 1st leg, 2-0. Their first Derby della Capitale victory since Coppa Italia Final in 2013.
  • Fransesco Totti is the leading Derby della Capitale goalscorer with 11 goals to his name.
  • No current player is in the top10 goalscorers of Derby della Capitale.
  • Fransesco Totti has played 41 Derby matches, by far and out more than any other present player.
  • Lazio vs AS Roma kick-off 19.45 on Sunday 15th of April.

Derby della Capitale best odds

  • Betsson odds: Lazio 2.75, draw 3.35, AS Roma 2.50
  • NordicBet odds: Lazio 2.75, draw 3.35, AS Roma 2.50
  • Unibet odds: Lazio 2.75, draw 3.40, AS Roma 2.50
  • William Hill odds: Lazio 2.80, draw 3.20, AS Roma 2.50

Best odds for Lazio victory are offered by William Hill, Best odds for a draw are offered by Unibet, all 4 bookies have identical odds for AS Roma victory. This match along with every other Serie A match is available for stream through Betsson, Unibet and William Hill.

Derby della Capitale should be as explosive as ever, the teams are neck and neck in Serie A table, for both teams this is a must win match. Other great matches throughout the weekend are Barcelona vs Valencia and Tottenham vs MCFC on Saturday. As well as Benfica v Porto, AC Milan vs Napoli and PSG vs AS Monaco on Sunday.

Derby Della Capitale
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First and foremost a fanatic football fan, Football Blogger and a betting addict. Trying to write the posts from neutral point of view as much as i can(TRYING). Some lighthearted rant may slip in every once in a while.

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