Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid

Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid, basically the match on which Barcelona can declare themselves champions or Atletico can sign up on the title race.

Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid, the possible La Liga title deciding match will be played on Sunday 4th of March in Camp Nou. Two of the best performing teams in La Liga, the other one is very much offensively oriented, where as the other one is more balanced. When you look at the season of Atletico Madrid, you think it’s not going that good because they were eliminated from the UCL in group stage. But they are playing really well in La Liga. They have lost just one match out of 25, and remain on the tail of Barcelona, just 7 points adrift. Win this one, and the difference is 4 points and the last 13 rounds of La Liga once again look interesting.

Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid has been a tight match-up in recent years, out of their last 5 encounters three have been a 1-1 draw, the other two Barcelona won 1-2. This is mainly down to Atletico Madrid’s disciplined style. The matches usually follow the exact same formula; Atletico start strong pressing very high and interrupt Barcelona possession based play. And it usually works almost perfectly, up and until the 2nd half when Atletico Madrid players are starting to feel tired and Barcelona can start executing their own tiki-taka style. Now, if Atletico is leading at this point the name of the game is defense, nothing more nothing less. But if the game is still tied, Atletico HAS to keep trying to score, that opens their defense for counter attack. And gone are the years Barcelona could only score by running the ball in. They are devastating on the counter these days. Obviously there is that odd chance that the match ends up in a draw, this mainly would benefit Barcelona but surely they will go for the win?

One of the more interesting twists for Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid, is that Atletico sold two players to China just 5 days before the most important match of their season. Nico Gaitan and Yannick Ferreira-Carrasco. More shocking is the departure of Carrasco, who is just 24 years. The funny thing is, the best of Carrasco was probably never seen. He was a good player already, but a move to China before even reaching the peak of his career?? That is just incomprehensible. Nico Gaitan i somehow understand, he’s 30 years old, and honestly he didn’t really even fit into Atletico starting XI, sometimes not even on the bench. He’s a relatively known player also, so he will bring something to the Chinese League as well. What makes this very, very stupid from Atletico point of view, is that they cant replace those players until in the summer. They now have only 17 outfield players for the remaining La Liga AND Europa League matches. It would be ironic, if Atletico catched Barcelona but on the few last rounds lost few key players to injuries… Personally im most excited to see Diego Costa back in Atletico shirt, he’s just incredible to watch against the big teams.

Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid statistics

  • Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid H2H statistics for last 5 matches; Barcelona 2W, 3 draws.
  • Out of the last 14 matches against Atletico Madrid, Barcelona has only lost 1(10W,4D).
  • Barcelona are undefeated in La Liga this season, 20W, 5D.
  • Barcelona has won 23 out of their last 27 matches.
  • Atletico has lost just one match in La Liga this season, 18W, 7D, 1L.
  • Atletico Madrid are undefeated in 23 of their last 24 away matches in La Liga.
  • Barcelona form of last 5 matches in La Liga; 3W, 2D.
  • Barcelona form of last 5 matches in all competitions; 3W, 2D.
  • Atletico Madrid form of last 5 La Liga matches; 5W.
  • Atletico Madrid form of last 5 matches in all competitions; 5W.
  • Last time Barcelona and Atletico played out a goalless draw was in January 2014. After that they have played 16 matches with an average of 2.44 goals per match.
  • Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid kick-off 15.15 on Sunday 4th of March.

Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid odds

  • Unibet odds: Barcelona 1.65, draw 3.90, Atletico Madrid 5.50
  • William Hill odds: Barcelona 1.65, draw 3.60, Atletico Madrid 4.80

At the time of writing both bookies offer the same 1.65 odds for Barcelona victory. Unibet offers substantially higher odds for both draw and Atletico Madrid victory. This match is available to stream for registered users through Unibet Live. As is Milan Derby among all other Serie A, La Liga and Ligue encounters of the weekend.

Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid is a HUGE match. It would be a huge match either way, but the fact that the title is on the line for both teams makes it a super interesting encounter. Other great matches for the weekend are Manchester City vs Chelsea and Derby della Madonnina aka Milan Derby. Edit 14.00 Sunday 4th of March; Milan Derby and every other Serie A match of Sunday has been postponed due to the shocking death of Davide Astori, Fiorentina Captain.

Barcelona vs Atletico
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First and foremost a fanatic football fan, Football Blogger and a betting addict. Trying to write the posts from neutral point of view as much as i can(TRYING). Some lighthearted rant may slip in every once in a while.

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