Atletico vs Real Madrid 2nd leg UCL Semifinal

Atletico vs Real Madrid UEFA Champions League semifinal 2nd leg match will be played on Wednesday 10th of May.

Atletico vs Real Madrid, the UEFA Champions League 2nd leg semifinal will be the last EVER el Derbi Madrileño to be played at Vicente Calderon. The Last ever Champions League match to be played at the stadium and the last ever BIG match to be played at the legendary stadium. Last time with this setup, the match ended 0-3. The last La Liga Madrid Derby in Vicente Calderon, Cristiano Ronaldo came to ruin to the party with a perfect hatrick. Much like in the Real Madrid v Atletico Madrid 1st leg Champions League semifinal.

The actual Atletico vs Real Madrid tie is all but buried after the 1st leg. Atletico is hanging on by a thread, no team has ever managed to come back even from a 2-0 1st leg loss, never mind a 3-0 loss in Semifinal. Now of course, one of the example Atletico can draw will power from is the fact that there was a spectacular comeback already in this season’s Champions League, well actually 2 spectacular comeback wins. Both happened in the round of 16, Monaco v MCFC and Barcelona v PSG.

The other thing that Atletico Madrid might try to remember, is that in 2015, they won Real Madrid 4-0 at home. Do i think that it’s even remotely possible? No, it’s not. But in order for this to be an entertaining match, Atletico has to score a goal first. If they do manage that, then it’s pretty much an open contest, though still very, VERY distant chance for them. The official chance for Atletico Madrid advancing over Real Madrid is flat-out 0%. Then again, Barcelona officially had 0% chance vs PSG after the 1st leg, so yeah statistics are statistics, and football is football. Everything and anything is possible in football, it’s part of the appeal for the sport.

Whatever the situation was, this match would be special. Because this particular match will be the last ever Champions League match to be played in Estadio Vicente Calderon. It will also be the last ever Madrid Derby, and last ever big match on the stadium. From my opinion it is a HUGE mistake for Atletico to move out to a new stadium. Vicente Calderon is without a doubt in the top 3 stadiums, atmosphere wise in the World football. From sporting point of view, and financial point of view the move makes sense.

For the above mentioned reasons, this match will be a spectacle like no other Madrid derby in the history of El derbi Madrileño. Who knows, Atleti might even get a boost like never before from the roaring home crowd, the atmosphere certainly can affect the match. It will be interesting to see, if/how Atletico players respond to the uproar. And on the other side, how Real Madrid players respond. Personally i don’t think Real Madrid players will flinch no matter what happens, they play under hostile environment everywhere they go, even at Santiago Bernabeu sometimes.

Atletico vs Real Madrid team news and best parts of press conference:

Atletico Madrid will be without Vrsajlko and Juanfran. Jose Maria Gimenez is doubtful. Atleti has no suspension going into the match.

Real Madrid will be without Gareth Bale, but Dani Carvajal is also out. Dani Carvajal is the player who will be sorely missed for the rest of the season, its still not sure if he will be fit for the possible final showdown in Cardiff (granted Real madrid are not thought just yet). It would appear that Nacho gets the nod ahead of Danilo to replace Carvajal on the right. Neither is optimal, and nowhere near Dani Carvajal who just might be the best rightback in world football.

This is what the managers said before Atleti vs Real Madrid;

Diego Simeone, Atletico madrid:

“We believe in ourselves and our weapons. We won’t change for this game. We know what we’re capable of. I have full confidence in my players and I’m sure we’ll do things well. We’ll defend well, go from minute to minute and look to create chances. The Madrid squad might well be the best in the world… We’re fighting at a stage where we’re proud to be: the Champions League semifinal’s. We have our weapons, we’ll try to do something that’s going to be very difficult but we won’t give up until the ref blows the final whistle.”

Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid:

“Atlético will try to stop us doing our thing, that’s their game. We’ll try to continue doing what we do, the thing that’s brought us here. Nothing will change in that sense. It’s the business end of the season where everything is up from grabs, and this club loves to be in these situations. Every game is a final and tomorrow is one. We’re going to play our game, we can’t do anything else. The history of this club is something you can’t shy away from. On the contrary, it helps us prepare for big occasions. We know and our fans know this is a big club but then we have to show it too.”

Atletico started their own “mindgames”, apparently as a result of the Real Madrid tifo which was displayed on the 1st leg at Santiago Bernabeu. The tifo which was incredible, though Atletico Madrid and their fans did not appreciate it as much as the neutral specatators. Atletico sent a tweet, which is an indirect barb towards Real Madrid, check the tweet below:


Rough translation goes; “Know how to win, know how to lose” with a hashtag that means; They can not understand.

Atletico vs Real Madrid statistics and odds comparison

Atletico vs Real Madrid statistics:

  • Historical H2H statistics; This is the 216th meeting between the sides; Of which Real Madrid has won 110, Atletico Madrid 54 and 52 of the matches has ended up as a draw.
  • H2H in European Cup/UEFA Champions League: 8 matches played of which Real Madrid has won 5, Atletico Madrid 1 and  2 matches has ended as a draw. Real Madrid scored 13 goals in those 8 previous meetings, Atletico Madrid scored 5 goals in those 8 previous meetings.
  • Atletico Madrid was undefeated vs Real Madrid in La Liga for 3 years, between 2013-2016 (in Champions League they lost 2 finals in 2014 & 2016 and a quarterfinal tie in 2015).
  • Real Madrid was undefeated against Atletico Madrid in all competitions for 13 years, between 2000-2013.
  • This is the 5th “El derbi Madrileño” Champions League/European Cup tie. Real Madrid has won all previous 4. Previous 3 out of the 4 have come on the run from 2014 (final), 2015 (quarterfinal) and 2016 (final). Unless something dramatic happens, 2017 semifinal can be added on the list.
  • The 1st leg UCL Semifinal ended 3-0 in favour of Real Madrid, courtesy of Cirstiano Ronaldo hatrick. The last El derbi Madrileño played at Vicente Calderon ended 0-3 in favour of Real Madrid, also due to a hatrick by Cristiano Ronaldo.
  • Real Madrid has scored in 60 successive matches (Spanish record), ever since the 2016 UCL semifinal match vs Manchester City, which ended 0-0.
  • This match will be the last ever Madrid derby AND UEFA Champions League match to be played in Vicente Calderon (the stadium will be demolished in the summer).
  • This is Atletico’s 3rd Semifinal in 4 years (6th overall).
  • This is Real Madrid’s 28th European Cup/UEFA Champions League semifinal. 12th UEFA Champions League era semifinal, and 7th successive UCL semifinal on the run. Each of those statistics are the competition record.
  • Real Madrid have won 5 UEFA Champions League era semifinal’s, they won the title on each of those 5 time’s.
  • Real Madrid are looking to become the first team to win back-to-back UEFA Champions League title’s.
  • Atletico vs Real Madrid 2nd leg semifinal kick-off 19.45 on Wednesday 10th of May.

Atletico vs Real Madrid odds comparison:

  • Bet365 odds: Atletico 8/5, draw 12/5, Real Madrid 8/5
  • Betfair odds: Atletico 13/8, draw 5/2, Real Madrid 13/8
  • Ladbrokes odds: Atletico 6/4, draw 13/5, Real Madrid 31/20
  • Unibet odds: Atletico 17/10, draw 51/20, Real Madrid 6/4
  • William Hill odds: Atletico 13/8, draw 13/5, Real Madrid 6/4

Atletico vs Real Madrid best odds at the time of writing: Best odds for Atletico victory are offered by Unibet. Best odds for a draw are offered by Ladbrokes and William Hill. Best odds for Real Madrid victory are offered by Betfair. Atletico vs Real Madrid is 4 days away, the odds are bound to change, even drastically. I will keep the odds comparison up to date as much as i can. I will also look out for any special promotions for the match, and will add them if/when i find them (if they are worth it).

Once again, Ladbrokes has enhanced odds promotion for BOTH Champions League semifinal 2nd leg matches; For Atletico vs Real Madrid the Ladbrokes promotion is; Cristiano Ronaldo to score a goal 16/1 odds! Terms and conditions apply (max £5 single bet, valid for new customers only, lost bets will be refunded as a free bet).

Atletico vs Real Madrid 2nd leg Champions League semifinal, might not change the outcome. But it will be a spectacle like no other. Expect an amazing display even before the kick-off, as Atleti fans will try to out-perform Real Madrid fans for their spectacular tifo display on the 1st leg. The match being the last EVER Madrid Derby to be played on Vicente Calderon also spices up the match. The other UCL semifinal 2nd leg will be Juventus vs Monaco on Tuesday 9th of May, a great match-up as well.


Atletico vs Real Madrid 2nd leg
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First and foremost a fanatic football fan, Football Blogger and a betting addict. Trying to write the posts from neutral point of view as much as i can(TRYING). Some lighthearted rant may slip in every once in a while.

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